Parchment Promises

For many the holiday season came to an end with the drop of a ball in New York City and the kiss of a nearby loved one. The excitement and anticipation of presents and surprises now since revealed have dissipated. We now look to start the new year with our resolutions in hand and the hope that we will succeed this year in maintaining them where past attempts to do the same had failed. But failed promises to one’s self is commonplace this time of year. But what of the failed promises from the world of politics? The most recent … Continue reading Parchment Promises

Inaugural Post on Presidents Day

The 2016 Presidential Election was something that I knew from the start was going to be a historic event.  The end of the Obama administration, having held the office for eight years, was now rapidly approaching.  The nation was tasked once again with choosing a new administration to take its place.  Knowing this I began to not only study the candidates offered up this cycle, but also our Government as a whole.  Regretfully it was something I had not given much thought to until that point. So I set out to educate myself as best I could so that I … Continue reading Inaugural Post on Presidents Day