EPISODE 39: Political Roundtable Session I — “The 2020 Election”

In this inaugural #StatecraftPRS (yeah, lets make this hashtag a thing – okay?) I discuss the multitude of stories swirling around the 2020 Election even now weeks beyond Election day.  There is just so much going on in the world of politics recently that I struggled to pick one single topic to discuss – so I decided to pick many of them and blend them together over the general subject of “The Election”.  So lets “talk” about Biden, Trump, Hunter, Pence and all sorts of stuff that invariably follows those individuals wherever they go. Even though this isn’t a “roundtable” in … Continue reading EPISODE 39: Political Roundtable Session I — “The 2020 Election”


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Last week was a phenomenal week for my small podcast. I broke 3,000 views on YouTube, which is incredible! But I also started seeing a shift in the audio format of the show in the direction that I have been trying so hard to make happen. The audio side of the podcast had incredible increases in downloads. At one brief moment it broke 400% increase in listeners over the past 14 days! On average it has been hovering and maintaining approximately 350% increase over the past 14 days. I’m a small podcast right now – and … Continue reading AMAZING WEEK FOR THE PODCAST!

TWITCH in 2020?

As you would expect the viewer numbers are fairly low as of writing this. On average I see anywere from 100 – 300 viewers in the category and those viewers are split among six to 12 channels at most from my time spent viewing the category. There are a few channels that capture +100 viewers per session. As you would expect those channels with the most viewers for any given session are Leftist leaning. Typical descissions revolve around climate change, the 2020 Democratic Caucuses coming up next month, LGBT issues, etc. Pretty standard faire for Leftist talking points. However, being … Continue reading TWITCH in 2020?