YouTube CENSORS Conservative Voices Who Disagree With Election Results

As a conservative political commentator trying to grow a #podcast business, this policy directly impacts my ability as a content creator to grow on #YouTube as a platform. This is #CENSORSHIP. This policy impacts my ability to grow my business & is unconstitutional. Continue reading YouTube CENSORS Conservative Voices Who Disagree With Election Results


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Last week was a phenomenal week for my small podcast. I broke 3,000 views on YouTube, which is incredible! But I also started seeing a shift in the audio format of the show in the direction that I have been trying so hard to make happen. The audio side of the podcast had incredible increases in downloads. At one brief moment it broke 400% increase in listeners over the past 14 days! On average it has been hovering and maintaining approximately 350% increase over the past 14 days. I’m a small podcast right now – and … Continue reading AMAZING WEEK FOR THE PODCAST!

TWITCH in 2020?

Being a person who enjoys playing videogames viewing streams on TWITCH has become a routine activity for me. It is not uncommon for me to have a stream going in the background while working. Recently, however, I was surprised to discover that TWITCH now has a “Politics” category. As you would expect the viewer numbers are fairly low as of writing this. On average I see anywere from 100 – 300 viewers in the category and those viewers are split among six to 12 channels at most from my time spent viewing the category. There are a few channels that … Continue reading TWITCH in 2020?

Plot Twist: The Comey Memos

I had originally wanted to simply send a tweet out regarding my thoughts on the Former FBI Director James Comey and the memos that have Washington D.C. in a buzz for the past 24hrs.  But some thoughts are simply too long for Twitter. As I continue to watch coverage of this latest development and read the slew of articles that are coming at break-neck pace, there was something said that sparked a thought.  Sen. James Langford was on Special Report with Bret Baier tonight discussing the investigations, the memos, etc. he alluded to something I bet the Democrats didn’t think … Continue reading Plot Twist: The Comey Memos