TWITCH in 2020?

As you would expect the viewer numbers are fairly low as of writing this. On average I see anywere from 100 – 300 viewers in the category and those viewers are split among six to 12 channels at most from my time spent viewing the category. There are a few channels that capture +100 viewers per session. As you would expect those channels with the most viewers for any given session are Leftist leaning. Typical descissions revolve around climate change, the 2020 Democratic Caucuses coming up next month, LGBT issues, etc. Pretty standard faire for Leftist talking points. However, being … Continue reading TWITCH in 2020?

Plot Twist: The Comey Memos

I had originally wanted to simply send a tweet out regarding my thoughts on the Former FBI Director James Comey and the memos that have Washington D.C. in a buzz for the past 24hrs.  But some thoughts are simply too long for Twitter. As I continue to watch coverage of this latest development and read the slew of articles that are coming at break-neck pace, there was something said that sparked a thought.  Sen. James Langford was on Special Report with Bret Baier tonight discussing the investigations, the memos, etc. he alluded to something I bet the Democrats didn’t think … Continue reading Plot Twist: The Comey Memos

Inaugural Post on Presidents Day

The 2016 Presidential Election was something that I knew from the start was going to be a historic event.  The end of the Obama administration, having held the office for eight years, was now rapidly approaching.  The nation was tasked once again with choosing a new administration to take its place.  Knowing this I began to not only study the candidates offered up this cycle, but also our Government as a whole.  Regretfully it was something I had not given much thought to until that point. So I set out to educate myself as best I could so that I … Continue reading Inaugural Post on Presidents Day