The First Year: A Look Back and A Look Forward

January 20th, 2017 Inauguration of our 45th President of the United States:  Donald J. Trump I decided to start THE STATECRAFT OBSERVER on that day because it was a significant milestone.  Not only was the election of President Trump in 2016 a historic upset, it also was during the entire election year that I found... Continue Reading →


Happy Anniversary! We Got You A Government Shutdown

Today marks the one year anniversary of President Trumps Inauguration. It is a day to look back and reflect on the actions of the administration and our government under it. With a record breaking economy, a tax bill passed that will soon bring more money home to all Americans, the lowest unemployment rate in the... Continue Reading →

Conscience Rights in Health Care

Recently on Facebook a friend of mine posted an article pointing to proposed rules the Trump Administration would be releasing under the Department of Health & Human Services this week.  According to the article, the rules would give medical care providers the ability to deny health care to the LGBT community without fear of legal... Continue Reading →

Rosenstein Recusal Is Possible, But What About Mueller

According to an article posted by the Associated Press today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said that if he were to become a subject of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible ties between President Trump's campaign and Russia's government that he would recuse himself of any oversight of Mueller. Rosenstein during the AP interview... Continue Reading →

Plot Twist: The Comey Memos

I had originally wanted to simply send a tweet out regarding my thoughts on the Former FBI Director James Comey and the memos that have Washington D.C. in a buzz for the past 24hrs.  But some thoughts are simply too long for Twitter. As I continue to watch coverage of this latest development and read... Continue Reading →

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