Thursday marked the beginning of the Impeachment Trial of President Donald J. Trump in the Senate. As the Sergeant At Arms escorted the articles through the Capitol to deliver them to the Senate it seemed Adam Schiff (D-CALIF) could barely contain himself to keep a full on smile from his face. Instead he wore a smirk unbecoming of what Speaker Pelosi called a “somber” time. Yet Nancy couldn’t contain herself either as she smiled not only while signing the Articles of Impeachment but while handing out the pens she used as participant trophies to those she appointed to serve as … Continue reading SENATE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL: . . . And So It Begins

Parchment Promises

For many the holiday season came to an end with the drop of a ball in New York City and the kiss of a nearby loved one. The excitement and anticipation of presents and surprises now since revealed have dissipated. We now look to start the new year with our resolutions in hand and the hope that we will succeed this year in maintaining them where past attempts to do the same had failed. But failed promises to one’s self is commonplace this time of year. But what of the failed promises from the world of politics? The most recent … Continue reading Parchment Promises

TWITCH in 2020?

As you would expect the viewer numbers are fairly low as of writing this. On average I see anywere from 100 – 300 viewers in the category and those viewers are split among six to 12 channels at most from my time spent viewing the category. There are a few channels that capture +100 viewers per session. As you would expect those channels with the most viewers for any given session are Leftist leaning. Typical descissions revolve around climate change, the 2020 Democratic Caucuses coming up next month, LGBT issues, etc. Pretty standard faire for Leftist talking points. However, being … Continue reading TWITCH in 2020?