~ Est. January 20th, 2017 ~


Core issues debated time and again such as the Second Amendment, Abortion, Immigration, the Economy and Terrorism do not change.  Though opinions around them often do. Rarely is an issue ever completely settled and all the while new issues continue to be added to the national discussion with no end in sight.

“Truth & Decency”

The journey is to educate yourself on the facts surrounding the issues.  In finding the truth you will come to fully understand the issue and therefore be able to explain it in simple terms.  Once you are able to do that you can then formulate your opinions based on what you have learned.  Though not always convenient it is critical to hold fast to the facts of an issue and formulate your thoughts off of the truth as it is and not how we wish it would be.  As Charles Krauthammer said, “You’re betraying your whole life if you don’t say what you think – and you don’t say it honestly and bluntly.”

Additionally it is imperative to understand why issues matter to those who hold a different view from yours and how those issues have impacted those individuals as well as our nation as a whole.  Then, coming from a place of understanding and reason, we can begin to seek common ground where solutions may be discovered.  This is where decency resides within politics for those who are pure of intention.

Having opposing political views and engaging in honest debate is a good thing and necessary to move our country forward.  We do this because at the end of the day politics matter.  It is our politics that ensure our nation remains free and a place where individuals can pursue their dreams and seek out a better life for their families.

Strive to structure your arguments around the core values of truth and decency.  If you do not know something – say so.  Then do your best to educate yourself on the matter.  Seek out the truth.  Once you have brought yourself to the state of zero entropy then you can in earnest begin the discussions and debates on what the good and decent thing to do is.  What is critical is to keep the principle of the issue clearly in sight.  Do not let your opinions of the individuals you are debating cloud your judgement on the matter.  The reason is simple and beautifully put by Ben Shapiro.

Don’t follow people. Follow principle.”