EPISODE 41: WINTER IS COMING – Media Blackout Of Biden Administration? Will It Be The Same As It Was For Obama Administration?

The Obama Administration was notorious for their interaction with the Main Stream Media, but not how you might think.  Despite the constant love affair with the Administration on the side of the Main Stream Mafia, the Obama Administration treated them like the clingy girlfriend who would take any abuse they decided to dish out. 

That was until their second term in 2013 when they went too far spying on the Associated Press’s staff’s work and personal cells and emails.

In this episode I discuss what happened in 2013 and ponder if this is what we can expect from an incoming Biden Administration.  If so, how will the Main Stream Media handle things this go round?  Will they stand up for themselves or keep lobbing softball’s at Biden like what flavor ice cream he got at the local ice cream shop? 

At this point given their excitement since November 3rd I can only imagine the love affair we will all be baring witness too for the next four years.

God help us . . . 




https://apnews.com/article/ffc60235c26c470c9047e0da6ff19f95 — great AP article covering a lot of Obama’s misdeeds!

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