EPISODE 36: ’80s Cartoons Taught Me About Morality & Being A Good Person

*** Recorded Sep 18, 2020 / Released Dec 01, 2020 ***

This episode was originally named “God & Morality:  Judeo-Christian Values & Why They Are Important” but in reality it was much more of an excuse for me to stroll down memory lane with some old animated friends and coming to the realization that I learned a LOT from them.  More than what kids these days learn from their television shows!

At the heart of it all lies the deeper issue – the fact that we, as a society, are less inclined to find value in our faith and more inclined to find value in how others make us feel about ourselves. 

We no longer have a morale structure to rely on.  Instead it’s all about feelings and going out of our way to spare others from feeling offended or upset rather than to speak the truth and live by a morale code.  I say it’s time we change that!

So grab a beverage and get comfortable and lets discuss faith based values and talk about bringing them back.  Our crumbling society needs people and leaders of moral character now more than ever.


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