EPISODE 28: The Debates So Far – What Was Good, What Was Bad & What To Expect . . .

In Episode 28 we discuss the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates so far.

From Kamala Harris’s “I’m Talking” best moment to Vice President Mike Pence holding her to task on stuffing the Supreme Court I go over the highs and lows of the VP Debate which was the best of the election season by far!

I’ll also finally go over my eight pages of notes from the Presidential Debate between President Trump and former Vice President Biden as promised.

From what was good, what was bad and what to expect in this weeks upcoming debate on Thursday Oct 22nd I cover it all to keep you informed.


https://youtu.be/t_G0ia3JOVs – C-SPAN Full Video of VP Debate

https://youtu.be/rjwWG6kJ6io — 10/15/2020 – President Trump Town Hall on NBC

https://youtu.be/9ZZzfrapNvo – Former Vice President Biden Town Hall on ABC

https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/kamala-harris-dishonesty-on-abe-lincoln/ – Kamala Harris’s Dishonesty on Abe Lincoln

https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/09/new-project-veritas-video-voter-fraud-in-ilhan-omars-district/ – Project Veritas Video – Ilhan Omar story in National Review

https://youtu.be/ZWK56l2VaLY – Project Veritas Video on YouTube

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