Relocating The Studio Leads To No Podcast This Week & Other News

There will be no podcast recorded this week in that I am currently moving my studio equipment from upstairs to my downstairs office. There are many reasons for this move, but mostly it is of convenience and to accommodate the real-life jobs for my wife and I.

But that doesn’t mean the work for The STATECRAFT OBSERVER Podcast has come to a stop. On the contrary – so much has been done this weekend that I’m amazed how quickly it has gone by and that it’s already 4pm Sunday!

This week in addition to moving the Studio (which is STILL a work in progress), I have had conversations with another content creator to collaborate on some upcoming videos and podcasts. If all goes according to plan this will not be just a one-off collaboration and should result in several episodes not only on The STATECRAFT OBSERVER Podcast but on their YouTube channel as well where I will join them on their project. Look for upcoming news on the collaboration via social media outlets.

Lastly, I finally created a Patreon page where supporters of the Podcast can contribute to the monthly expenses I incur to keep the show running. I have created tiers that are a broad range with the lowest tier being roughly the price of one cup of coffee from Starbucks. Just one beverage a month can help sustain the show! If 20 people sign up at the lowest monthly tier then the monthly expenses for the show (podcast hosting, email service, website & current news subscriptions) are 100% covered.

I hope you consider supporting the show via Patreon. In doing so you will gain access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, videos and posts regarding how I produce the show, upcoming projects and collaborations along with some personal posts that will give you insight as to why I am doing this and what drives me and why I feel politics are so important. But more than that – why it is so important for us to openly discuss the issues we face as a country and find proper middle ground that benefits all Americans.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on next weeks show. Until then – catch up on past episodes if you’re behind (Sherrie . . . i’m talking to you!) and join the Facebook Group to keep discussions going.

Until next week and as always – please take care of each other & God bless!

-Brandon Keller

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