In Memoriam: Edwin T. Leonard (1925 – 2020)

I have not yet recorded a podcast for this weekend because my grandfather passed away this past Wednesday and we laid him to rest in Michigan Saturday.

Though I was unable to travel and attend the service, I made my way to church and attended Mass (Catholic) for the first time since I was a boy and lit a candle for him afterwards. It was white in a blue glass holder.

My mother sent me some photos from the service yesterday of my grandfather. He looked nothing like himself. I suppose it’s because I’ve never seen the man without a smile on his face or that sparkle in his eyes with such a great appreciation for life.

He spent 95 years on Earth before God called him home.

Though his life wasn’t easy, he made it look so. Something I have yet to learn. His positive outlook, jovial personality and genuine love for his family will be greatly missed as we move on without him.

It’s hard to be sad over a life of 95 years well spent and so accomplished. So instead I’m doing my best to focus on all the good that encompassed who he was and will always be in my heart and mind. Rest in peace, Grandpa Leonard.

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