2 Week Vacation: Podcast Returns JUNE 13th!

School is officially out and summer is just around the corner! It’s a busy time of year for my family actually.

My 20th wedding anniversary was last week; my nephew graduates from high school next weekend; and – my wife’s, my step mother’s and my mother’s birthday are all next week . . . . within 5 days of each other!

So that means it’s time to focus on family instead of the Podcast for a little while.

I’m going to try to get at least an audio podcast published before vacation begins on Wednesday – but this is a non-committal statement in that I want to get one published to avoid a two week gap but given that I’m already behind on things needing to be done BEFORE we leave in a few says I’m just not sure it will play out.

So use this time to catch up on past episodes you may have missed! Send me an email or two about subjects you would like to have discussed in future episodes. And be sure to join the Facebook Group and follow me on Twitter so that we can keep conversations going there while i’m on vacation.


Take Care Of Each Other & God Bless!


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