#1 Watched Video: The STATECRAFT OBSERVER Show – PREMIERE Episode 1

24 hours after The STATECRAFT OBSERVER Show premiered on YouTube, EPISODE 1 has become the #1 most watched video on the channel to date. It has also earned the most view time and viewer interaction in regards to “Likes”. Subscriptions also increased overnight and I’m hopeful that the video will continue to do well and that the channel continues to see positive growth daily, weekly and all through the years to come!

I want to take a moment to thank some individuals without whom I could not have gotten this project off the ground. I know the show is VERY new and just launched yesterday – but this has been in the works behind the scenes for quite some time and never would have been brought to life without their support.

First and foremost – to my wife

You have not always understood why I feel the need to do this, but you have always supported me in anything and everything I do. From bouncing ideas off you, to the equipment we purchased to produce the show, to the late night writing sessions and you going to bed alone – your love, support and encouragement have been my foundation. I hope that I make you proud with what I have created so far and that I continue to do so with future episodes.

To my daughters

Thank you for being open to discussing politics with your “old man”! The, shall I just say “passionate”(?), debates we have had on the issues have brought me to view many of them in ways I never would have before. You don’t cave to my opinions and you put in the effort and the work to research and formulate your own opinions on the issues we face as a country and I couldn’t be more proud. I see in your actions the very reason of why I’m doing this. To promote the issues and encourage people to study, research, fact find and formulate their own views. Though we may not agree on everything, you have done your homework and I can rest assured that when you enter the voting booths you are voting and making your decisions based on the facts and your own opinions and not just following the popular vote.

To my friend, Jackie

I want to say “Thank You” again to Jackie Chea for being a part of this first episode and for her support and encouragement through the entire process. From the moment I approached you with the show and the idea for the first (and now THIRD) episode you were 100% on-board. We have been working together to get this show produced and ready for the premiere date since January and I know how difficult that is to balance your life at home with Nick and Lincoln with your commitment to the show. I also have to thank Nick for allowing me to take so much of your time to not only record the video, but to work through the edits, graphics, intro/outro and handling of the facts.

To the Viewers!

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out your Saturday evening to watch the premiere episode of the STATECRAFT OBSERVER Show! I understand just how valuable and precious your time is, especially over the weekends. I view it as an honor that you would spend some of it with me. My goal is to continue to make videos that are respectful of your time and that are worthy of it.

Looking To The Future . . .

My goal with the show is not to be a bully-pulpit where I record videos touting my opinions as facts and not give you a way to respond or interact. This show is for YOUthe VIEWER! I want it to be a place where your voice is being heard. Otherwise the show is just me talking to a camera and will have no meaning or value to add to the political narrative.

(**note: that’s my worst nightmare! PLEASE DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!!!)

I have set up many different social media outlets to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved with the conversation. From comments directly on YouTube on the videos themselves, to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and DISCORD – I want the conversation to continue long after the episodes air. And I will continue to make multiple videos on the key issues to allow us to constantly evaluate them and the facts surrounding them giving you many opportunities to voice your thoughts.

I hope that in the future we go from the small group of individuals we currently are to a crowd of thousands actively participating in respectful, heated and passionate debates about the issues and how they impact YOU – the everyday American.

Ultimately we simply wants our lives to be made better and we can do that by holding our elected officials accountable and being a unified voice to them. To that end, I hope I inspire all of you to get more involved and to actively participate in our political process.

I pray that you also find a passion for it as I have.

Again, thank you all for helping me launch The STATECRAFT OBSERVER Show! I look forward to seeing you all in the next video.

Until then – take care of each other, and God bless!

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