My Advice to Democrats: Be Selfish With Your Vote!

This week has been another busy week for Democratic voters. With Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg taking 43 of the 64 delegates declared so far, Joe Biden has already retreated to his “firewall” of South Carolina. Even the Democratic ladies have had a better showing than Biden with Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar taking eight and seven delegates respectively. Joe Biden ended the week with only six. But it’s still early and a breakdown of the delegates isn’t really what I found the most curious this week.

In watching interview after interview this week where reporters were asking local voters who they were voting for I noticed quite a few said that they still hadn’t decided. It was literally voting day with hours left till the polls closed and they were sitting around in crowded diners or coffee shops watching the news to see who would step up as a front runner. Is that what democratic voting has come too? Simply waiting until the last minute to see who has the strongest lead and then racing to the polls to vote?

Given the Democratic mantra of electing someone – anyone – who is capable of defeating President Trump as the utmost important quality in a candidate, it bares to reason that my deduction is correct. For the Democrats it doesn’t matter how far left the party has gone – and it has gone absolutely off the map this cycle in that regard. Policies be damned. They only want to give their vote and ultimately the party nomination to anyone who can take down Donald Trump. It’s their only hope now that their bid at impeachment has failed. Unless they go for impeachment 2.0 and for that we’ll just have to wait and see.

But I have some advice for Democratic voters.

Now I’m not that obtuse as to believe there are many democratic voters reading my columns. However, on the off chance there are people out there of any or no political affiliation who are wondering who they will vote for come November then I offer up my non-partisan advice. And the good part is, it’s pretty simple and honestly just good old common sense.

Be selfish with your vote.

That’s it. Vote for the candidate who’s policies will benefit you the most. It’s honestly not rocket science but many people have lost sight of the fact that who you vote for is a very personal decision. Your needs and wants are likely much different than mine the same that a 20 year old college student’s needs and wants are vastly different than a 47 year old father of three or a 72 year old retiree. Regardless of who you are or where you are in life the people you want in government should be those who look to serve you the best and who will provide that which you want the most.

The trick is finding candidates who will actually deliver on their campaign promises that mirror your wants and ideology. Historically speaking campaign promises are good for one thing and one thing only – getting votes. Once the candidate is in Congress, the Senate or the White House the candidates positions tend to change dramatically. And typically not in alignment with what you voted them to office to do. This is not only an issue for Democrats or Republicans. Oddly enough the only bipartisan thing to consistently happen in politics over the years is breaking campaign promises.

It makes you stop and think, though. If that’s the case then why are Democrats so adamant about getting President Trump out of the White House? He is one of the first politicians to actually deliver an a decent number of his campaign promises. He’s building the wall, though Mexico has yet to pay for a single foot of it. He has rebuilt the military, cut taxes, got us out of NAFTA and negotiated a much better deal in with the USMCA, has created 6.6 million jobs and removed regulations allowing for the US Economy to become the strongest it has ever been with record breaking stock market closures being almost a weekly event. However I am still waiting for the healthcare plan he promised that would fix all that the ACA destroyed and to see some fiscal responsibility return to the Republican party – but that’s a column for another day.

The point here is everyone should be voting for candidates who will best serve their or their families interests. How do you go about identifying those candidates when you have seemingly an unlimited number of candidates like what the Democrats do today? Well, come back next week and I think I have something that can help you out in that regard too.

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