President Trump Acquitted: Note to Congress – GET BACK TO WORK!

Wednesday, February 5th the Senate voted to acquit President Trump on both Impeachment Articles (52-48 Article I; 53-47 Article II).

On Thursday President Trump held a news conference to “celebrate”, his word – not mine, his acquittal and to thank his legal team, family and a select group of Senators and Representatives who supported him during the Impeachment.

Now that this chapter is behind the President and Congress we can all expect them to get back to the work we sent them there to do like fixing healthcare, reducing prescription drug prices, approving infrastructure budgets/projects and finalizing the trade deal with China to name a few – right?


According to my research in regards to legislative productivity in a presidential election year historically speaking there is an increase in bills passed into law during an election year, but the numbers are a bit deceiving. I’ll let this article I found cover that in detail if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of it all. The point I wanted to confirm is – yes, Congress does get more done during an election year than others.

But what about this Congress? Lead by this Speaker of the House?

Considering this week and all the antics between the President and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, I’m thinking the probability of any bills of substance getting passed into law are slim to none.

Could there be bipartisan support for infrastructure and prescription drug price reduction? Absolutely!

But Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress are fuming over President Trumps acquittal this week. They are not likely to provide him with any more “wins” as we draw closer to November.

Instead, I fear the remainder of this year will be the first of two “lame duck” years for President Trump. And I really hate to say that because I truly believe President Trump will continue to do his job as he always has since taking office. He will continue to try and get the things done he promised, but he unfortunately cannot govern by Executive Order alone. He needs Congress in order to pass into law the things we need most.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope our elected officials will remember why they are there. They are there to represent us, the People – the citizens that elected them to office to “Represent” our legislative needs.

Hearing many Senators and Representatives this week discuss the Impeachment vote as “one of the hardest decisions they have to make” angers me because it shows they have forgotten what their job is.

Their job is to listen to and vote according to what their constituents want. It should be the easiest job in the world when it comes to voting. President being Impeached? Have a Town Hall meeting, publish a poll on your website and ask “Hey folks – so how do you want me to vote on this?”. Then when the deadline passes, take the majority vote and go pull that lever.


But unfortunately our Congress men and women rarely, if ever, do that. Instead they think it’s their personal opinion that matters and not the constituents. Perhaps someday we will see someone enter the political arena and get elected to Congress who will work exactly like what I said above.

It’s just not going to happen this year, with this Congress.

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