TWITCH in 2020?

Being a person who enjoys playing videogames viewing streams on TWITCH has become a routine activity for me. It is not uncommon for me to have a stream going in the background while working. Recently, however, I was surprised to discover that TWITCH now has a “Politics” category.

As you would expect the viewer numbers are fairly low as of writing this. On average I see anywere from 100 – 300 viewers in the category and those viewers are split among six to 12 channels at most from my time spent viewing the category. There are a few channels that capture +100 viewers per session.

As you would expect those channels with the most viewers for any given session are Leftist leaning. Typical descissions revolve around climate change, the 2020 Democratic Caucuses coming up next month, LGBT issues, etc. Pretty standard faire for Leftist talking points. However, being new to the category it seems appropriate to simply observe and listen to the types of commentary currently being broadcast for the time being.

Yes, there are a few conservative channels that tend to review the news of the day and provide commentary on that. There have been two that have captured my attention that I have watched a few times.

Typically, though, I try to watch the other side of the political isle so I can gague what content they are most interested in. The goal being to launch a channel and produce a show where their most valued talking points can be discussed from a conservative view.

I have already begun work on developing a show to be broadcast on TWITCH in the near future. Once I have the show format determined and identified a schedule that works with my current committments then I will officially launch the channel and show. Until then you can sign up for a free account at TWITCH and follow The Statecraft Observer so that you will be notified when future shows will be broadcast.

I will likely have some test broadcasts and brief “Just Chatting” sessions to iron out the bugs of producing the show – so be on the lookout for those. I will post updates as to the progress of the shows development and special “beta broadcasts” here, on Facebook and on Twitter as well. The goal is to get the wrinkles ironed out and a well produced show for you sometime in Q2 of 2020.

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