#WAR: Melissa Mackenzie on Andrew Breitbart

This week I am taking a break from what I would normally do for my Friday column. Normally I write during the week as time allows, edit, polish, rewrite, edit, etc. All of which I have been doing, but I feel the need to publish something else today. Something that struck a chord with me this morning and that honestly have not been able to stop thinking about all day. Therefore I am going to postpone publishing what I have been working on this week and instead am writing this ‘on the fly’. This may turn out horribly so I request your forgiveness in advance.

This morning while going through my twitter feed as is my daily ritual, I came across a tweet from Katie Pavlich with a link to a special report piece Melissa Mackenzie wrote about Andrew Breitbart. To be honest I knew the name Andrew Breitbart, that he started the news network that carries his name and that he was a mentor to Ben Shapiro, but beyond that I knew very little.

I started by first watching about half of the first video linked in the column. Andrew’s wit, wisdom and personality leaped off the screen and I could immediately feel a kinship with him. But more importantly I found myself agreeing with what he was saying. Especially when he started to discuss his liberal beginnings and the epiphany he had in regards to Rush Limbaugh. The realization of how his liberal bias of Limbaugh came at the hands of the main stream media. The very same media that I too turned to in the beginning. Andrew said, “All the things I had been told reflected that negative stereotype. But I in fact had never assessed him myself and recognizing that the main stream media doesn’t necessarily tell you the truth, or tells you the truth from its ideological standpoint became this panacea for me where I started to challenge the main stream media.”

Think about those words. ‘…the main stream media doesn’t necessarily tell you the truth, or tells you the truth from its ideological standpoint…’.

I too had come to the very same conclusion of which I wrote about here back in May of 2017. We shared a common experience that I am now coming to the realization is not all that uncommon for conservatives. The realization that the main stream media is, in fact, spinning a narrative that is against our beliefs and who we are as individuals. Their goal is simple – succumb to their ideology or be silenced. And it has been working for decades.

I stopped the video and read Melissa’s column beginning to end. Twice. Slowly reading the words and absorbing their impact like waves in the ocean. Her blunt assessment of the current political environment was spot on. From the main stream media’s hate of President Trump to their even more vile hatred for those who voted for him. Their coverage of the March for Life this past weekend using the Covington Catholic High School boys and Nathan Philips to destroy the positive narrative all while providing glowing non-stop coverage of the Women’s March with nary a mention of its antisemitic undertones. It was as though she had somehow gotten an all access pass into my mind, was taking notes and wrote them for me.

I found myself nodding in agreement….to myself….alone….in my office with only my dogs to see the spectacle. Her affirmations that the Covington kids had the right to wear their MAGA hats, that they have a right to be pro-life, that we have the right to have our voices and morals accounted for as well and that we have the right not to be silenced. And that though we do not seek them out, we must fight the battles that we know are just and right to fight. Not for the sake of arguing but for the sake of truth. For the sake of defending our civil liberties. For our freedom.

Melissa brilliantly chose and used Andrew’s words as encouragement as you read them along side hers. “They declared war on us; we did not declare war on them. We have an obligation to fight back!” – Andrew Breitbart

I couldn’t help but tweet to Melissa letting her know how much I appreciated her column. To me it read like a Conservative Declaration of Independence. It motivates and inspires me to keep learning, to keep writing and most importantly to keep speaking my mind and telling the truth when the main stream media spins their narrative with lies and deception. I know I am years late for the call to action, but I am here now.

I hope to do justice to what Andrew started and to continue to fight as he did. I ordered his book this afternoon, ‘Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!’ and cannot wait to read it. I now have a strong desire to learn more about him, his story and the way in which he waged battle against the New York Times and CNN.

Like Andrew said . . . .


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