Biden The Bully?

At a University of Miami event for college Democrats, Joe Biden made reference (again) to taking President Donald Trump to task and beating him up for his “locker room talk” circa the Access Hollywood released video/audio with Billy Bush.

But only if they were back in high school.

Does that make it okay?

I seem to recall President Trump catching a lot of flack over what the Democrats viewed as advocating for violence against those with opposing political views at his campaign rallies.  The cries were loud enough to warrant a SNOPES.COM “fact check” of the issue.  You can read that article here.

SPOILER ALERT:  They said it’s “TRUE

I encourage you to read the article if you have the time.  If you do you will see that then candidate Trump was not blatantly calling for violence just for the sake of violence.  In all cases it was a response to a Democratic protester who started assaulting those in attendance of the Trump rallies.  The comments typically were made while he was pausing his speech in order to allow security to subdue and remove the violent “protesters”.  In the instance where then candidate Trump said he would punch the assailant it was in response to someone who tried to rush the stage at him and the Secret Service had to subdue and remove them as well.

I had this very discussion on Twitter back on 07 MAR 2018.  You can see a graphic that I made that captures the conversation if you click here.  I pretty much make the same argument as I just did above, but those involved in the discussion went on to claim criminality in the statements.  Their argument is that assault is against the law and those who advocate for it should suffer the penalties as if they conducted the actions themselves.

Hmmm…I wonder if they feel the same about Joe Biden’s comments?  I’ll be sure to tag them in this post and hopefully they will respond.

It seems that the liberal media beacon CNN seems to disagree with them, however – as you can see in the segment below.

Chris Cilliza referred Joe Biden’s comments as nothing more than “bravado”.  Then he goes on to say:

“…that there is absolutely a strain of thought in the Democratic Party that you have to stand up to the bully.”

He then continues on and finally comes to the point I actually agree with.  That being that there was absolutely nothing that Joe Biden could have said at that event that the Democratic base would disagree with.  There is nothing “too negative” about President Trump for the Democratic base.  His belief is that the Democratic Party as a whole didn’t stand up to the bully (i.e. President Trump) enough and that is how he won the presidency.  Forget the fact that you had an awful candidate in Hillary Clinton.  That had nothing to do with it evidently.

According to what Cilliza says in this piece, the Democrats lost because they didn’t stand up to the bully.

So why is it okay for Democrats to “stand up to the bully” and advocate violence in this manner, but it is somehow not okay for then candidate Trump to do the same and stand up to the “protestors” who were attempting to assault him and who were actually assaulting those people who attended his rallies?

It is yet again another frustrating example of what is okay for one side is not okay for the other side and is viewed as a moral sin against humanity.  An evil that we must smite at all costs. I’m certain we will see some form of this moral virtue signaling as we move closer to the 2018 mid-term elections.  I don’t see any other solid political ground they are making their campaigns on other than the “Anti-Trump” platform – so why not?

The Democratic Party simply does not understand that by doing this they are losing their supposed moral high ground.  It may even lead to them losing something more tangible in the mid-terms, though – as in seats in the House and Senate.

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