15 Seconds In A Closet: Ali Kemp’s Story

Ali_Kemp_TwitterThread_07 MAR 2018Ali Kemp is a fifth grade teacher.  Today on Twitter she shared a deeply personal story as a plea for change.  Today I am simply posting the thread here in order to preserve it’s message and to serve as a fixed point in time, if you will.  I am reserving commentary so I can take time to give it the proper consideration it is due.

You see, for me – this hit’s close to home.  My youngest daughter is a senior in high school who has been fortunate enough to student teach three days a week at a local elementary school.  She competed at the District level for her skills as an educator just a few short weeks ago near Houston and is currently planning her college career that starts this fall.  Her major will be in education and early childhood development.

She wants to be a kindergarten teacher.

I commend Ali Kemp for her bravery, commitment to her students and her raw emotion she so willingly shared with all of us who care to listen.  She allowed all of us a glimpse into her terrifying world for 15 seconds and how it impacted her and her students for a lifetime.  I believe her call to action to be sincere and should be heard.

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