The First Year: A Look Back and A Look Forward

January 20th, 2017

Inauguration of our 45th President of the United States:  Donald J. Trump

I decided to start THE STATECRAFT OBSERVER on that day because it was a significant milestone.  Not only was the election of President Trump in 2016 a historic upset, it also was during the entire election year that I found I had a passion for politics.  For me it was more interesting than reality television – which seemed fitting, considering our new President.

I needed a name for my blog.  A moniker under which I could write my political commentary and have debates/discussions about the issues.  The word of the day on was “STATECRAFT – 1. The art of government and diplomacy.” which seemed fitting, so I used it.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Though my experience and knowledge in politics is still in its infancy at best, I have found on my journey to date some remarkable people.  I have had heated debates, impassioned discussions and believe it or not found common ground with those who started off on the opposing side of an issue.  I have enjoyed every minute of it more than I can say and look forward to continuing on this journey for many years ahead.

As my experience and knowledge on political issues grows, so will the depth and quality of my writing here.  That is my enduring resolution.  To continue to learn, listen and comment on the greatest democracy that has ever existed.

I’m certain that my views and opinions will change over time, and that is perfectly okay.  I may even end up contradicting myself in the future and I’m okay with that as well.  With every conversation, debate or article I write I am seeking the truth behind the politics and the impact to the everyday American citizen.

So if you and I find ourselves on opposing sides of an issue and are in a heated debate – know this.  I am not “trolling” you.  I am genuinely asking questions and posing hypothetical scenarios in an attempt to better understand you, your views, why you believe what you do and how the issue at hand impacts you and those around you.  Maybe at the end of the day you too will come away with a better understanding of me, my views and how they impact my world and my family.



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