Plot Twist: The Comey Memos

I had originally wanted to simply send a tweet out regarding my thoughts on the Former FBI Director James Comey and the memos that have Washington D.C. in a buzz for the past 24hrs.  But some thoughts are simply too long for Twitter.

As I continue to watch coverage of this latest development and read the slew of articles that are coming at break-neck pace, there was something said that sparked a thought.  Sen. James Langford was on Special Report with Bret Baier tonight discussing the investigations, the memos, etc. he alluded to something I bet the Democrats didn’t think about.  I’m paraphrasing here, but Sen. Langford hypothesized that though the Comey memos are currently being sought out in regards to Former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn and President Trump allegedly asking Comey to “…let this go” that they could possibly have an impact on the Russia Collusion investigations.  The thought being that they could be all interconnected.

That got me to thinking.

Let’s say they succeed in obtaining the Comey memos for – oh, I don’t know . . . say the past year.  And if  Comey was as diligent as we are lead to believe he was in regards to documenting important discussions and meetings he had, it could stand to reason that we may get a glimpse into other things as well that he was investigating.  Say for example . . . memos regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Call me cynical, but the irony would be almost too much to take.  Think about it.

THE SCENARIO:  The Democrats and the Left Wing Media are in a constant frenzy to find any shred of evidence to demonize President Trump and his Administration.  They latch on to the latest “smoking gun” and demand the memos be released, an investigation launched and Impeachment proceedings start.  But blinded by their absolute rage over losing the Election in November and doing whatever it takes to get President Trump out of the White House – they now have inadvertently exposed information within other memos Comey may have made.  Information that would ultimately lead to charges being brought against their beloved Hillary.

Could you imagine the look on President Trumps face if he were to be exonerated of any wrong doing and then to add insult to injury for the Democratic Party they actually did . . . as they chanted during the campaign . . . lock her up?

Of course this is all conjecture and will never happen, but oh what a plot twist that would be!  Given the first 117 days of the Trump Presidency, does it really seem all that far fetched?  If I have learned anything during my studies of the current political landscape – anything seems possible these days.


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