Tom Perez Elected As DNC National Committee Chair, Provides Mixed Message During Speech

thomas_perez_assistant_attorney_general_for_civil_rights_official_portraitThe Democratic National Convention elected Tom Perez as the National Committee Chair today.  During an impassioned speech that was mostly shouted out to those in attendance he provided a message focused on uniting the Democratic Party.  Conversely he was also able to add to the ongoing divisive dialog between the left and the right that has been plaguing our nation since President Donald Trump was elected on November 8th.

Mr. Perez used the speech to show his support for the future of some of those who ran against him in the race.  Most notably when he said the following of Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana:

“Mayor Pete is going to be the example of how Democrats win state wide in red states!”

This remains to be seen and is a burning question in many of our minds as we look forward to the 2018 election cycle.  Many would argue that the state of the Democratic Party since the election has been nothing short of constant chaos, discord and discombobulation.  To see such a quick turn-around for a party that is, for all intents and purposes, in shambles currently would be nothing short of miraculous.  However, Perez continued his speech expressing his confidence in the Democratic Party’s future saying:

“I am confident that when we lead with our values, and lead with our actions – we succeed!”

But then his speech took a turn from a positive tone to that of the more common divisive rhetoric we have seen as of late coming from the defeated Democrats.  While first touting that the Democratic Party is one of “inclusion and opportunity for everyone” he quickly turned to an attack of President Trump.  He began by saying the country is currently in a ‘where were you moment‘ in our history.  Mr. Perez then continued:

“Someday they gonna study this era in American history and they are gonna study it along the ‘know nothing’ movement.  And they’re gonna ask the question of all of us ‘where were you in 2017 when we had the worst President in the history of the United States?’  and we will all be able to say whether you’re sitting here or you’re sitting outside or whether you’re looking on across America.  We will all be able to say the united Democratic Party lead the resistance insured that this President was a one term President….”

Though the left often boasts of their open, loving, safe, accepting and unifying missive – it was during this part of his speech that Tom Perez exposed what many citizens across America see as the true nature of the Democratic Party of which he now chairs.  They seek only failure for America over the next four years not only as a means to embolden their political position, but to justify their current diatribe.

Regardless of where you stand in regards to your political beliefs – I ask you to consider my closing question when you take the time to reflect on the words Mr. Perez shouted out today so emphatically.  I ask you to do so with as little bias as you can muster in consideration for the greater good of the United States of America and all of its citizens.  Lastly, I ask you to consider with the assumed understanding of what a ‘yes’ response would mean to the future of our nation should it come to fruition as Mr. Perez stated is the mission of the party he now chairs.

Can we really afford for the current administration to fail for a duration of four years?


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