The political landscape in America is a fascinating, beautiful and often treacherous place to traverse.

Core issues debated time and again such as the Second Amendment, Abortion, Immigration, the Economy, Terrorism, etc. do not change, though opinions around them often do. Rarely is an issue ever completely settled and yet all the while new issues continue to be added to the national discussion with no end in sight.

So the journey is to educate yourself on the facts surrounding the issues as best you can and formulate your own opinions based on what you have learned. We must strive to understand why issues matter to those seeking change, how those issues have impacted the individual as well as our nation as a whole.  Then, coming from a place of understanding and reason, we can begin to seek common ground where solutions may be discovered.  We must strive to do so with an unyielding dedication to what I believe should be considered core values:

“Truth & Decency”

I have found and met some remarkable people. I have had heated debates, impassioned discussions and believe it or not found that elusive common ground with those who started off on the opposing side of an issue. I have enjoyed every minute of it more than I can say and look forward to continuing on for many years to come.

So if you and I find ourselves on opposing sides of an issue and are in a heated debate – know this. I am not “trolling” you. I am genuinely asking questions in an attempt to better understand you, your views, why you believe what you do and how the issue at hand impacts you and those around you. Maybe at the end of the day you will come away with a better understanding of me, my views and how they impact my family.  It is my sincere hope to come away with the same of you.

I will always strive to structure my arguments around my core values.   If I don’t know something, I will say so and do my best to educate myself on the matter. I will seek to hold those on my side of the issues accountable to the truth and will call them out when they deviate.  I fully expect you to do the same to me.  The reason is simple and was beautifully put by Ben Shapiro.

Don’t follow people. Follow principle.”



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